Our True History

I speak of OUR TRUE HISTORY, not the history schools and universities teach, this is because they mostly funded by sources that don't want us to know the real truth.
Why should you bother watching my videos?
I am the researcher that has successfully concluded mysteries that have baffled people for hundreds of years.
I have connected the Book of Enoch (Ancient stone tablets) to Stonehenge.
I have shown who made and what the carvings of what looks like a helicopter and spacecrafts in Abydos (Egypt) are.
I have given the answer to who was at Atlantis, when and what happened to it.
These amazing answers to life big questions are from 30 years of research, not just with ancient times, but I also cover Spirits / Orbs, Crop Circles, Bigfoot, Aliens and so much more.

Over 100,000 followers on Tiktok love the content, why? Because they are getting shown how we have been lied to by mainstream and the facts that show we are created by Anunnaki.
But it's not all Aliens, I explain everything from Spirits to Crop Cirlces, Bigfoot to Black Ops, and so much more.

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